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We Are Proactive

Our relationship with our clients is not just based on a business agreement but is more like a travel companion. The success of our clients is also our success.

That is why we propose to our clients those products that we know fit their business, their philosophy, and their budget.



We help you develop your business and expansion plan


If your business has a high number of stores you will need to manage Google MyBussines in a professional way.

We have a unique system that allows you to do it quickly, responding to all your clients and having all the information up to date.


We take care of the maintenance of your equipment, including the extractor hoods


We help you from the location search to the work, including even the furniture, cutlery, crockery … everything!


Do you have a business that you want to franchise but don’t know how to contact potentially interested parties? We take care of it.


Horizon Business Forum and ID Services present effective and professional solutions to companies that are interested in attracting new clients.

We put at your disposal a team of professionals who will sell your products and services in the most efficient and profitable way for your company.

We place the utmost emphasis on the quality of the business process.

We are enthusiasts of commercial work, we want to dignify it and we also want to give it the importance it deserves. For this reason, we closely monitor our own sales and we are satisfied only with an outstanding in our own work.

We work results-oriented, we NEVER want to be a burden to our client or a problem. If our client does not win, we don’t either. We blindly believe in the “WIN-WIN” philosophy with our clients and for that reason, we are totally dedicated to doing our job well. The work ethic and the satisfaction of our clients are our goals and our satisfaction in every project we undertake.

Furthermore, if you already have your own sales representatives or it is difficult for you to outsource customer acquisition, our pre-customer service is an essential tool for your company.

What is the pre-client service?

It is the location of requests for quotes and the capture of commercial leads and new potential clients who are interested in your products and services.

What is this service for?

Well, for something as important as making your commercials sell much more, are more profitable, are more motivated and your company, therefore, sell and bill more

How do we do it?

We use all our human, technological, marketing, and commercial resources to do all the previous work of searching and locating clients who are interested in products or services like yours. Once our commercials are located, they will pass all the previous filters that make your commercials lose so much time, as well as frustrations and, ultimately, so much money they lose your company.

Why Horizon Business Forum and ID Services

Because we are extremely rigorous selecting for your company only those clients who clearly have a purchase intention and are looking for your products and services, and completely discarding those that we detect who are only looking for some information or do not have the slightest interest.
The average sales rate among our pre-Clients is  25%. That is, one out of every four pre-Clients will become a client of your company.